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In 2016, for the first time in decades, the will of the American people elected President Donald J. Trump as our Leader and Unitary Executive in charge of our Armed Forces, including the Militias. He was NOT the choice of so-called American billionaires, global oligarchs, dictators, and thugs who enjoy exfiltrating American wealth into their corrupt prison-nations.

Some of our corrupt intelligence community ilk, career foreign service officers, and others in the Senior Executive Service, as seditious enemies of the United States of America, curry favor with our Enemies, who seek to end the “nation-state”, and specifically the United States of America–the City on the Hill—and impose a global tyranny upon us all as American Born-Free Women and Men.

After 9/11, we have temporarily “lost” our Fourth Amendment protections from tyranny–but not permanently, not ever. The First Amendment freedoms regarding Speech and Religion and Faith in the Exogenous Creator, regardless of your specific religious beliefs, are under sustained, relentless attacks, fueled by literally the richest humans on Earth, who have succeeded — for now — in the “regulatory capture” of the United States Congress.

If you don’t support the 2nd Amendment, you don’t understand the Constitution of the United States of America. If you don’t understand the Constitution, then you don’t understand what our Founding Forefathers fought, bled and died for. If you don’t understand that fact of reality, then you are not an AMERICAN.

But rest assured, there are myriad American Patriots still honorably serving our Blessed Nation, within the above-mentioned institutions. For them, and all freedom-loving peoples, MAGA Energy beverage products seek to help freedom-loving Americans and everyone Born Free Human on Earth to have fun and enjoy themselves responsibly while having HIGH ENERGY like our great Commander-in-Chief, President Donald J. Trump. So, have a MAGA Energy Drink and MAGA Energy Shot and MAGA!



James Prescott Curry, Esquire
MAGA Energy
Jupiter, Florida
26 November 2019
Be Free and MAGA! ¡Vaya con Diós!!